your funding supports
The design and completion of murals in / around Rome, GA
Two local women entrepreneurs and their families: the artists, residents of the city, are passionately contributing to its growth
Local Rome creatives and businesses
Fueling economic power, creative endeavors and buy-in for alternative, viable ideas in Rome
The jumpstart of a unified effort to beautify Rome and highlight what makes us unique
Access to public art in Rome

Specifically your donations help provide:

Artist fees
Marketing and promotion
Mural supplies and equipment

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Your donation at any level is appreciated. Every donation makes a difference.

Thank you! you put the community in colab

You're one big'n art investor! $1000+


You're the warm honey to our biscuit!  
$100 - $999

Sue Lee

Larry G Morrow Sr



Tashia & L.Christa Twyman


McKenzie Todd & Oliver Robbins, U Public Relations

Himanshu and Monisha Patel

Cabell Sweeney

Nick Burton


Aly & David Slade

You're sweet like tea!   $5 - $99

Dan Reuter

Mary Nevin Gautheir


Jeff Craven

Mary McClanahan

Laura Elmer

Joan Ledbetter

Nina Lovel

Saundretta James

Ashley Lee

Barrie Hartman

Lynn Green