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Rome Mural CoLab is an initiative led by two local artists created to ignite public spaces and interest in Rome, Georgia through mural art—inspiring tourism, pride and community beautification.

The artists, Ellie Borromeo and Xaivier Ringer, met and hit it off as two empowered women entrepreneurs. Together they decided to take action on the collaborative beautification of public spaces in Rome, thus RMC was born

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our mission

Rome Mural CoLab’s mission is all in its name: Rome Mural CoLab.
Using murals, we will engage the Rome community in the arts in a way that is accessible. We are combining skills, industries and a creative workforce that drives economic empowerment—co-op—and our aim is to activate spaces that produce high-impact results to ignite change, that’s our lab.

How can murals activate pride, beautify and unify Rome?
Color revitalizes otherwise normal spaces and breathes life, that’s how we beautify. Murals have the power to display images and themes that speak to our unique identity. Murals unify using imagery that positively highlights common themes in spaces we share. We will also invite the public to have a stake in its own improvement. See our survey below.

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about the muralists
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Xaivier Ringer

Xaivier Ringer is a Rome native, muralist and illustrator with 10+ years of public art experience with an expertise in community engagement. Xaivier Ringer is an entrepreneur, artist and community development facilitator recognized for her ability to build upon community experiences to beautify public spaces. She is the CEO of The International Muralist LLC which uses art to engage the public and beautify spaces. Her murals and projects entice communities and audiences to engage with organizations and create a consistent flow of imagery, branding and community building. She has painted over 50 murals in 15 cities and 4 countries. You can find her @theinternationalmuralist on Instagram.
ellie borromeo portrait

Ellie Borromeo

Ellie Borromeo is a brand identity and marketing designer from Rome with over 10 years of design experience in local and out-of-state engagements. Ellie works independently, strategically guiding brand design efforts to create cohesive, differentiated and impactful brands. She delights in the craft of beautiful illustration, lettering and experiential art which is where her passion for pursuing murals was born. Ellie has a heart for helping cultivate the creative arts in Rome to aid in Rome’s growth by encouraging collaboration, supporting other local businesses and seeking out new opportunities that help Rome thrive. You can find her @ellieborromeo on Instagram.
Our vision & goals

Our goal is to be a co-op laboratory for public art in Rome, Georgia.

Our vision is to:

Revitalize public spaces of Rome, Georgia
Empower members of our community to step forward, lead and drive change
Ignite interest and excitement in the creative arts
Support collaboration, inclusivity, diversity and unity
Initiate interest in Rome as a wonderful community to live, work, play, visit and invest
Bring joy to passersby
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Our focus areas are:

Independent and community / participatory mural projects
Commercial mural commissions
Hand-painted signage and lettering

Our skills as project managers and our creative industry experience gives us the ability to tackle a variety of projects from extensive experiential endeavors to children-focused art engagement opportunities, and all of the artwork we paint or design is custom, designed and made by us.

As a collaborative duo, we've completed many local projects since our 2020 launch:

The Mural at Gogo Shoes: "Seize the Day"
Darlington Student Engagement "All for the Arts" Mural
Hand-painted Gogo Facade Signage
Hand-painted Neely / Romega Signage
Hand-painted River City Antiques Signage
Mobile mural for the Rome Floyd Chamber
The CARE Mural with Harbin Clinic at the YMCA of Rome & Floyd County
Berry College Intercultural Center Mural

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As Romans, we take pride in our town and the beauty it affords us nestled in the Northwest Georgia Valley. You have the opportunity to show your support and take a stake in its beautification with a donation. Oftentimes a public wall or space isn't tied to a particular entity or person to fund a piece, but we have a VISION that we know will bring an impact. We allot donor funds for this purpose: for future public art projects in awesome public spaces that aren't commissions.

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public art Survey

The most powerful way to create public art throughout the future is to receive public input—your input. We aim to direct our future efforts and collaborations based on your feedback as we feel that our stakeholders perspective is of immense value being co-residents and natives of the city of Rome. If you have a few minutes, please take a moment to fill out the survey at the link below and place your stake in the future of Rome and our public art. It is up to you to make the changes you want to see.

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